7 Tips to Finding a good Hairdressing Salon 7 Tips to Finding a good Hairdressing Salon
Like a soulmate, finding a hairdresser can be nerve-wrecking as you keep on looking for “The One”. In some way, it’s true – a... 7 Tips to Finding a good Hairdressing Salon

Like a soulmate, finding a hairdresser can be nerve-wrecking as you keep on looking for “The One”. In some way, it’s true – a good hairdresser knows your hair too well that you don’t have to explain anything to him/her and voila, your hair looking good, all around.  If you happen to be the owner of a hairdresser salon then you can compare salon insurance quotes with saloninsurequotes.co.uk

If it’s nerve-wrecking. Why even bother looking for one?

For one thing, it saves you from wasting time finding the right style and the right technique to cut your own hair and spend more time worrying if your newly-cut hair looks good as if it comes out from a salon. DIY your hair can be stressful, you know. Hence having your own hair stylist will give your mind (and the hair) some peace, until forever if you’re lucky (they’re the experts, after all). And here are 5 handy tips that you can use, if you want to start to hunt your own hairdresser.

Do a lot of research, for a start. From there you can get the general idea of hair salons in your neighbourhood, the reviews, and even the scoop. From their official website, reviews, social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram paints a big picture on how a salon works and their services, shows their actual work, customers’ satisfaction and reviews, as well as their main expertise. You might surprise but there are salons that can be expert in a thing or two so it’s best to be sure beforehand.

Of course, a hair stylist should be knowledgeable with the technical aspects of hair styling, but they also need to stay updated with the latest trend and technique, having a flair to know which look suits for every clientele he/she has, as well as being empathetic with good communication skills. This combination will ensure that you feel at peace to leave your hair in their hands, and to trust with their expert opinion in getting the perfect hair (even it means changing it 100%).

And don’t forget reviews and testimonies from anyone you know that have been to salon in question. You can get a good idea that way, especially in terms on how they deal with their client and the efficiency of their services.

After everything so far seems satisfactory, the next step is to see the place for yourself. To save time and money, book an appointment through promotional sites or a special offer given by the salon and book yourself a simple service like wash and blow. That way you can get the idea of the salon by yourself before spending a lot of money to them for years to come. You can also check if the owner has trained at a respected school such as http://www.brishair.com.au/

Plus, head on the salon with what you usually wear (if you wear heavy makeup, do so). That way, the hairdresser will adjust the cut to complement well with your whole look. It’s about getting your own perfect, personal style!

Keep these handy tips in mind when looking for your own (perfect) hairdresser, you certainly won’t regret it that you find someone to look after your hair for years. Finally check that they have proper insurance for both employees and public liability so you are covered should you have an adverse reaction to one the treatments.


Mohacsi Frazer