Hair Salons in Perth Hair Salons in Perth
Perth has always been a busy city and has a number of trendy, brand name stores, offering the very latest styles and designs. It... Hair Salons in Perth

Perth has always been a busy city and has a number of trendy, brand name stores, offering the very latest styles and designs. It also has a fine array of top hair salons and body therapy centres to choose from, as you would expect in such a grand city. Perth’s salons are not only quite numerous, they are eloquently decorated with spacious waiting areas and all creature comforts. Each has their own concept and you can literally walk into what seems like another world, as you cross the threshold of one of these fine establishments.

Hair Styles

In this chic city, fashion changes like the wind. The cut that was in last year may well be out the next. For instance short bob styles could be all the rage this year, along with the sleek, straight look for long hair. Another popular alternative for long hair are plaits or braids, with several new emerging styles. All salons have up to date photos to help you find that perfect look, something that will swing that job interview, or maybe help you grab that big contract. Tinted streaks are being worn by the A-listers, so expect to see this on offer.

Many ladies have been seen sporting a choppy cut for that rugged look, or perhaps layered and waved. Whatever your preference, the top hairdressers in Claremont will be able to transform you into that new look self you’ve always wanted. The new trend also includes the crop and pixie cuts, which many Hollywood actresses are currently sporting. This year sees the arrival of several new styles and let’s not forget hair extensions, a process that can really transform you, as many celebrities have discovered.

Major Events

Everybody has to attend that special wedding, funeral or anniversary party, and hairstyles can play an important role at such events. It’s a must to make an impression and that special cut or nail job, can really make the difference. Certainly the bride and her bridesmaids will want something stunning for that special day. Whatever the occasion, everybody likes to look and feel their best and what better way to achieve that than a new hair style.

A respectable salon will offer a comprehensive range, from nails to hair styles and accessories. They should specialise in most of the things mentioned below, such as:

  • Afro-American/Asian hair
  • Extensions
  • Perms
  • Colouring
  • Children’s cuts
  • Brazilian blow wave
  • Hair extensions
  • Full or half head highlights and tints
  • Cut and Blow dry with hot oil treatment
  • Deep conditioning and Finish
  • Wash and blow dry
  • Cut and style
  • Japanese, Brazilian and permanent blow dry
  • Full range of hair colour services
  • Female waxing

Talk about Being Spoilt for Choice!

There are a large number of hairdressers in Perth that cater for all of your needs and more, so just kick back and enjoy the experience, and let the transformation begin. The new you is just waiting to be created, birthed and born!

Mohacsi Frazer