How to buy a bag in 5 steps How to buy a bag in 5 steps
Buying a handbag online is easy if you know how to do it. We outline the essential steps. Every woman needs a collection of... How to buy a bag in 5 steps

Buying a handbag online is easy if you know how to do it. We outline the essential steps.

Every woman needs a collection of trendy handbags for a variety of occasions and to match their many ensembles. Every year, there are fresh collections of handbags online, so it is fairly easy to find something that you really like. But if you have never shopped for bags online before, then you should simply follow the 5-step guide we’ve outlined below:

1 Pick a site. If you’re buying handbags online, you must put your trust in a reliable fashion site like Jabong. Jabong not only has premium handbag collections on sale, it also offers the best range of discounts and many payment options, too. Always go with a trusted fashion site when you buy handbags online – they have a good delivery network, and they are always on call to address queries and concerns. Billing is done promptly and you can track your purchases whenever you wish.

2 Pick a style. Now that you have chosen a shopping site to buy handbags online, decide which kind of bag(s) you want to buy. It’s fine to keep browsing if you’re not really about to make a purchase, but if you are looking to buy without a clear idea of the kind of handbag you want, then you can get confused really quickly! Choose between a bigger size or a smaller sized handbag, with a long shoulder strap or one with the option of a handle. Browse through the site’s collection to get a better idea, setting filters for colour, material and price to refine your search.

3 See all specifications. Once you view the handbags online that you wish to buy, study their specifications properly. Check the bag’s material, size, care instructions and any other relevant information.

4 Check the exchange/refund policy. It might so happen that when you actually receive the handbag you ordered, it may not be to your liking or a wrong bag is accidentally delivered to you. In either case, you will need to return the bag or exchange it for another one. Before you buy the handbag online, read up on the site’s exchange and return policy. The site will mention how many days you get to initiate the exchange/refund request, and the condition in which the product must be handed back to the company.

5 Proceed to checkout. Now that you have made your selection, you can proceed to checkout your purchases. Check the final bill carefully – you get the option to remove any of the added items at this stage before final payment is made – and proceed to check the payment option most suitable to you. Multiple payment options are offered to you – pick one and finish the payment. After this, you are sent a payment acknowledgement and tracking ID on SMS and email.

See how simple it is to buy handbags online? You only need to follow the 5 steps outlined above and find the best bags for the season.

Mohacsi Frazer